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VEHICLE safaris

Afrika Calls is a Maun (Botswana) based safari company, specializing in tailor made safaris. What sets us apart is our custom one of a kind vehicle called the The Beast.

Game viewing can often be cramped and uncomfortable, offering little legroom and no space to store your expensive photographic gear. But not with Afrika Calls!

‘Using The Beast is like an upgrade to business class!’

Our “one of a kind” vehicle is arguably the best game viewer in Africa. Developed through close collaboration between the best international off-road expedition experts and a group of individuals with local Botswana safari experience, the result has been a vehicle boasting the “next level of luxury and comfort”. 

VEHICLE features


Accommodating a maximum of nine guests with all individuals receiving a window seat. A walkway runs between the seats to allow easy movement around the vehicle.

Three middle seats can be added on request taking the maximum number of guests to 12.
Increased ride height (1 m above normal game viewers!) making spotting wildlife so much easier.
Imported luxury marine seats with arm rests and a folding seat base, allowing knee support when standing to take those special photographs that you don’t want to miss.
Individual seat heaters with two settings for those chilly early morning game drives.
The vehicle is exceptionally quiet which is great at sightings and also for guests’ comfort and social interactions.

There is no vertical obstruction, allowing a 180 degree clear view for unobstructed photos and those special ‘in road’ moments.


Large waterproof storage for expensive equipment, a dedicated charging station and GimProp professional gimbals fit for each guest with inside and outside positions.

If conditions such as rain or dust require, the vehicle can be completely closed for the comfort of guests. A particularly great feature for long distance travel.
The cab of the vehicle has been removed completely so guests are open and on the same level as the driver/ guide allowing continual interaction.

Off road capabilities second to none, with 24 forward gears and three diff locks.  Full off-road racing suspension including King shocks from the USA, making for extremely comfortable driving.


The design is based upon an Iveco Daily 4×4- a class leading, off road vehicle from Italy. Side covers (and tsetse fly screens) are fitted to deal with conditions as needed.


Access to vehicle is obtained via an electric ‘stair case’ rather than a ladder. 


Full onboard library dealing with all aspects of the local ecosystem.


Two onboard fridges for those all important beverages on the go! Plus on tap water supply with 200 litre capacity for all day use.


Long range (350 litre) diesel tanks giving a range of over 1500km for those ‘off the beaten’ track expeditions.


We work with you to build a once in a lifetime Africa experience that suits your wants, needs and special interests. The Beast is what sets us apart and will take your safari to the next level… literally!

We have partnered with a select few Maun-based mobile safari operators to bring you the most authentic wilderness experience while maximizing your comfort and photographic opportunities. We specialize in:

  • Tailor made and private mobile safaris in Botswana
  • Travelling through Botswana between lodges with a driver and guide
  • Photographic Safaris- either mobile or lodge based
  • Escorted/ Guided Self Drive Tours
  • Off the Grid Expeditions
  • Special Interest Safaris
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Family and Intergenerational Safaris



Make the most of your trip into the Botswana wilderness by travelling with us in the The Beast. This custom-made vehicle is the ultimate safari vehicle and will take your wilderness experience to the NEXT LEVEL.

Mobile Safaris

Be immersed in the African wilderness by camping at different remote locations every few days. Your dedicated team will drive you to your private campsite, set up your tents and make all the meals (on open fire… delicious!). You get to do a game drive in The Beast from one beautiful wilderness location to the next, which will be a lot more comfortable than your typical safari vehicle and it can also be fully enclosed, shielding you from wind, dust and weather conditions should that be necessary.

Choose your level of safari from basic dome tents to more of a “glamping” style Meru tents with your own en-suite. There are no fences so wildlife can roam through the camp, you are literally immersed in the wild. We think it is the BEST way to experience Africa by far!

Lodge to Lodge

If camping isn’t your thing, you might prefer to travel through Botswana in The Beast and stay at different authentic safari lodges. Have a dedicated guide drive you between locations while educating you about the African bush and wildlife. Having the same guide for the full duration of the trip builds rapport and ensures continuity so as not to repeat information already gained earlier. It also allows trying to locate those species that have been elusive on earlier parts of the trip.
As The Beast is 1m higher than the standard safari vehicle, your chances of having unique wildlife experiences are drastically increased. We are able assist you in putting together a custom itinerary that meets your requirements and budget.

Escorted / Guided Self Drive Tour- Private Groups

Be adventurous and take on Botswana by driving yourself! To get the most out of your safari why not add a private professional guide that drives alongside you in The Beast. This offers local knowledge, contact with other guides in the area, a trained set of eyes to increase wildlife sightings, access to The Beast for game drives as well as a bit of comfort knowing you have back up on those sandy roads.
Another huge benefit is being able to jump in The Beast and go on a game drive, without having to pack up your whole camp every time! Huge bonus! We are able to assist in planning the perfect self-drive itinerary for you, whether it be camping, lodges or a bit of both.

What are you waiting for?

Special Interest GROUPS

Make the most of your trip into the Botswana wilderness by travelling with us in the The Beast. This custom-made vehicle is the ultimate safari vehicle and will take your wilderness experience to the NEXT LEVEL.

Photographic Safari

The Beast is the ideal vehicle for Photographic Safaris, whether it be a mobile safari, lodge to lodge guided self drive or special interest safari. The vehicle has been equipped to accommodate professional photographers with no vertical obstructions, allowing for 180 degree clear views, each guest receiving their own:

  • Window seat
  • Charging station
  • GimPro professional gimbals, with inside/outside vehicle positions for maximum flexibility.
  • Large enclosed dust and water proof storage space for any expensive equipment

It is all set up for you to take the perfect shot! And believe us when we say you going to need to big memory card as the photo opportunities are endless! Please note you don’t need to be a professional to take advantage of all the features! It is a great place to learn about wildlife photography.

Birding / Environment / Predators

Have a specific passion you would like to base your safari around? Be it birding, predators, ecosystem or cultural, let us organize an expert in the field to travel with you to increase your sightings and educate you along the way. We can work with you to plan the perfect safari in the ideal locations for your special interest. The Beast will be perfect to socialize as a group as well as photograph your the experience and unique sightings. Have another interest we didn’t mention? We would love to hear and help you plan a tour around it.

Corporate Team Building

Not your average team building session that’s for sure, but certainly one of the best around! Allow the team to come together like never before and get back to basics. There is something about the fresh air, camp fires and wildlife that creates a lifelong bond! We can add a expert local wilderness guide who also facilitates team building and makes the experience invaluable for the company and the group.
The layout of The Beast allows for a great social space for a group of executives . The ablity to walk around in the vehicle and the fact that the front of the vehicle is open to the driver guides promotes constant interaction amongst the group. The two onboard fridges also allow for access to those all important beverages during the drive and also at sundowner stops. We can tailor make a safari for your group so that you are able to get the most out of your time in the wild.

Family and Intergenerational Safaris

More and more families and often three generations of a family are doing safaris these days. Being together in nature and ‘off the grid’ as a family is a great way to spend time together and reconnect with those that are most important to you. The Beast is perfect for this as it a great social space with walkways around the vehicle and the electric stairs also means easy access for the older folks without having to ‘climb’ up the side of a vehicle. These family trips can be more luxury mobile safaris with walk-in tents, proper beds and a bush en-suite for each tent. They can also be lodge to lodge for those more inclined that way.

Off the grid Expeditions
For the adventure seeker and not always for the faint hearted. Travel with us to remote locations where the wildlife is abundant and the tourists scarce. Joined by a knowledgeable team you will explore unique locations such as Liuwa Plains in Zambia or the remote sections of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Private or organized tours available.



We’re based in Maun, Botswana

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